New and Improved Version of Popular Twitter iPhone App – Tweetie 2 Released

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SDK. Taking advantage of the performance improvements available on the new iPhone OS, the new version of the popular Twitter i
is considerably faster than its predecessor. Besides the speed, the app also offers some new improvements and features. Here are some of the interesting offerings
Tap on this button for the app to scan your neighborhood for tweeters. Clicking on the blue icons would reveal the username and tweets of the twitterer.
The chat bubbles from the earlier version is gone. In the new version you are shown a solid stream of tweets that glow with these notification orbs every time there is a new tweet, @mentions or direct messages.
Now you can read all your tweets offline as the app caches your tweets. All your favorites are immediately synced with your twitter account when you go online.
Store tweets to be sent later, much like the draft functionality in emails.
There are a lot more cool features like autocompletion of usernames when using @replies, virtual push notifications, integration with Instapaper and Tweet Blocker,etc.
Tweetie 2 is now available at the iPhone App Store for $2.99. Existing users of the app will also have to purchase the new app since Loren explains that ”
“. If you have already purchased the iPhone app, please do let us know your experience in the comments. Or else, you may download the iPhone app by

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