Motorola’s CLIQ & RIM’s Storm2 Coming Soon to Challenge iPhone’s Dominance in the Smartphone Market

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Though a lot of credit to this mobile phone revolution goes to Apple , the game is not won yet. There are a whole lot of smartphones flooding the market today and each one of those have features unique to them and things that make them special. We had recently written about a
in the smartphone market.
While competition from the likes of Android and Palm have been studied and acknowledged, there are a few more competitors on their way in. One of the promising handsets among these is Motorola CLIQ. The CLIQ comes with a touch-screen and also has a slide-out physical keyboard. A
between the CLIQ and the iPhone would mean the iPhone would win in terms of memory (CLIQ comes with 2GB memory) while CLIQ wins in terms of the battery life (six hours talktime). Additionally, CLIQ also offers expandable memory, removable battery and a 5MP camera.
But what makes CLIQ click in the smartphone segment is the effective consolidation of all your social networking communication. With the help of a software called Blur, CLIQ displays several on-screen widgets that helps you keep tab on the latest updates from your friends across various services like Facebook and Twitter without the need to open separate apps.
One more exciting new addition to the smartphone segment is RIM's Blackberry Storm2. Storm2 is essentially an upgraded version of the original Blackberry Storm which was the first RIM phone without a physical keyboard. Storm2 has apparently addressed all major flaws in Storm and offers one of the best typing experience among all virtual keyboard phones.
These are still early days in the smartphone industry. With a flurry of new smartphone devices coming to the market, the Wall Street Journal sees the onset of an era of Super-Smartphones. The iPhone itself could be seeing a lot of innovation over the next few years to counter the threat and maintain its position.
Do you think CLIQ or Storm2 have a realistic chance to be an iPhone killer? What are the 'smart' features on other smartphones that you would like to see on the iPhone ? If not for the iPhone , which smartphone would you have gone for? Please do tell us in the comments.

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