Lala Music Streaming iPhone App Launching Soon

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Lala is a music service that lets users upload all their MP3 collection on to their online account to access them from anywhere. Users can also purchase new music for 10 cents a song. TechCrunch writes that the app shall work pretty similar to the native iPod app on the iPhone . However, one major difference between the two is that Lala's music streams entirely from the cloud. That means, while there is no hassle of syncing your music constantly between your iPhone and your computer, the direct streaming could mean frequent interruptions if you have a patchy 3G connectivity in your area. However, the company claims that the
intelligently caches a section of your library so that the listeners will seldom have interruptions while listening to streaming music.
As in the website, the Lala iPhone app also lets users stream any song for free exactly once before they are prompted to purchase. And if you happen to like a song, the app also lets you to publish the song you are listening to on to your Facebook wall. The Lala iPhone app is currently in the queue for Apple 's approval. The fact that the iPhone app can stream music via a 3G network can get AT&T to cringe. But as we have seen a flurry of VoIP and streaming
in the past few weeks, this app should get through in all probability.
How do you like this app? Would you choose to stream your music from Lala over playing them from the native app? Please tell us your opinion in the comments.

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