Jibbigo iPhone App Lets You Translate Between English And Spanish On the Move

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that can help you translate sentences from English to Spanish and vice versa by simply launching the app on and speaking into the iPhone microphone. Without a need for you to go online, this app with its dictionary of close to 40,000 words claims to translate both ways.
However, one of the drawbacks with the iPhone app is in its requirements specs. This translator app requires an
where both English to Spanish and the reverse translation can work simultaneously. In the older models of the iPhone however, you need to choose either of the translation options when you launch the app. However, considering that any one user would require the translation in only particular mode, this drawback is not actually a serious one.
at a price of $25. While that may seem a tad too expensive for the average user, considering that the app can make life so much easy for the target group, the app is definitely worth the price.
(iTunes link), please do provide us with your review. We would love to hear it from you.

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