iPhone wallpaper makes your DNA imprint mobile

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iPhone wallpaper makes your DNA imprint mobile


For some time, it’s been possible to display artwork of your DNA. It’s contemporary-looking and convenient, too–when guests compliment your living room decor, you can just point to the canvas above the couch and say, “Now that you mention it, that’s the genetic material responsible for my interior decorating brilliance!”

Well, now you can flash your chromosone sequence to strangers on the subway as well. In addition to offering portraits of DNA (and fingerprints), French company Helys is creating customized iPhone wallpapers featuring DNA imprints.

To order the wallpaper, you choose a preferred hue for your genetic material and receive a mouth swab kit for collecting a DNA sample. After you send some cells back, the company creates a 100 dpi image of your DNA and sends the picture along via e-mail a couple of weeks later. It’s a more individualized iPhone background than that AT&T logo, to be sure, though it’ll cost you–a whopping $146.

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