iPhone Users Receiving MMS With Incorrect Sender Number

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According to a post by an iPhone user on the MacRumors forum, the problem has been observed irrespective of the iPhones being
or otherwise. AT&T and Apple have so far denied any widespread occurrence of the issue and claim they are isolated incidents. However, according to a poll conducted on the Engadget blog, close to 69% of the iPhone users who tried sending an MMS have apparently faced this problem.
, which seemed to have gone off smoothly other thansome reports of
because of some latency issues. But based on the feedback from our readers, it seemed to be a false alarm.
Though this issue seems to be a problem with the carrier, it is still unclear if iPhone users on carriers other than AT&T have faced this problem.
Have you observed this issue when you receive an MMS on your iPhone ? Please drop us a line in the comments to tell us your experience.

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