iPhone OS 3.1.2 Fixes Random Shutdown or Coma Mode Issue Observed in iPhone OS 3.1

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The “coma mode” problem was a strange issue. Many iPhone users had complained thatafter upgrading to iPhone OS 3.1 their iPhone sometimes did not respond from the sleep mode and the only option they had to bring it back to life was to hard reboot it. In fact, many users felt that the iPhone had randomly shutdown.
The good news is that Apple has confirmed that the “coma mode” bug has been fixed in iPhone OS 3.1.2 and are advising users to upgrade to it. In a statement to Wired, Apple spokesperson said:
iPhone OS Software Update 3.1.2 is a free update for all iPhone customers that provides a number of bug fixes. We encourage all iPhone customers to keep up to date with the latest version of iPhone OS via the free download from iTunes.”
But Apple hasn’t provided an update on the poor battery life, bricked iPhone and slow performance issues that users were facing after upgrading to iPhone OS 3.1.
According to the release notes, Apple fixed two more bugs in
: an intermittent issue that interrupted cellular network services, requiring a restart and a bug that could cause occasional crash during video streaming.
So if you have upgraded to iPhone OS 3.1.2 and were facing any of the issues including the ‘coma mode’ issue in iPhone OS 3.1, please let us know in the comments if they have been fixed or you’re still facing the problem.

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