iPhone Game – FIFA 10 by EA Sports Available on the App Store

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The gaming control is with the help of a virtual analog stick which is 8-directional. You can pass or shoot with the help of two buttons, as it is in the console version. According to the reviews posted on TouchArcade, the commentary and audio functions are not exemplary. However, with four levels of difficulty, it should be challenging enough for most gaming pros. There is also a local Wi-Fi multiplayer mode for iPhone users to play among themselves.
At a price of $9.99/£5.99, it is a must buy for football fans. Here is a snippet of some reviews:
The graphics are pretty nice. Way better than RF09. Animations are decent and good framerate too. Weather effects like snow and rain are included, although look quite basic.Audio is, as I suspected pretty heavily compressed. This is most apparent in the commentary with headphones (by Clive Tysley). Other than that the audio is good, lots of comments by Clive and decent music/sfx. iPod option is nice too.Gameplay is so far pretty good. Controls seem ok, but still getting used to them.AI is ok. Seem to put up a challenge on the lower settings thus far. Although in 2 games I've scored 2 almost identical headers from corners and hit the bar from another. Seems like many game modes on offer. Team and player selection is huge! In my FIFA10 menu there is a greyed out download section – for team list updates maybe?The Icon is horrible!
Overall I'm quite happy with this game so far. The controls take a while to get comfortable with, but the game isn't too easy or too hard, and if it is there's multiple difficulty settings so you can find the perfect setting for you. I'm impressed with the level of content that EA put into the game. A lot of what's in the console versions is in this version. There's a huge amount of teams and clubs (same as in the console version I think), but I haven't been able to find any World Cup mode yet. The game controls well and the graphics are definitely at least as good, if not a tad better, than in X2 Football 2009. From what I've played FIFA 10 is in my opinion now the best football game in the App Store. It has the content of Real Football 2010 plus the gameplay and graphics of X2 Football 2009, and is definitely a must buy for football fans.
(for international users) and please let us know of your experience.

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