Google Wave Available on the iPhone As a Full-Screen Web App

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Google is still in the process of dispatching the Google wave invites to its users. So while most of us shall not be able to try our hands on Google Wave at this moment, those who have already received their invites can experiment with the iPhone version by visiting the Google wave website from their mobile Safari browser. The Google wave site has a completely customized mobile version that lets you engage in different threaded conversations (called waves) seamlessly from your iPhone .
An interesting addition is when you bookmark the wave page on your iPhone Home screen. This bookmark launches the wave site in “app mode” – a full screen mode without the Safari wrapper which imitates the look and feel of a native
. However, unlike a native app, the web app version of the site is slower since all interface elements are pulled from the server end.
This is not the first time a web app has been masked to match the aesthetics of native iPhone apps. However, it raises an interesting point about this being an alternate route for iPhone app developers who are unable to push their apps through Apple 's approval process. Google, as you would know, has had serious differences with Apple in the recent past over the
Do you think Google should take the web app route for all their applications moving ahead? Did you get to try out Google wave on your iPhone . Let us know your experiences in the comments.

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