Google to Launch Music Service to Compete With iTunes

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The official announcement regarding this is set to be made on October 28. While it is still unclear how the music service will pan out, CNET speculates that this will not be a full-fledged service like iTunes, but will be part of the Google search results. Accordingly, a search for music related keyword like '
' could display the regular search results preceded by a OneBox; the familiar container that Google uses to display information on weather, News results, Google Maps results, etc.
With the new partnership in place, Google could pull information around the music-related keyword from iLike and Lala allowing users to stream songs and even purchase music from these service providers.
Why is this small container over Google search results such a threat to iTunes? This is because most of us users have always browsed for information related to music on Google and then proceeded to iTunes only for the reviews and purchase. With an ability to purchase music directly from Google, Apple might soon face the heat.
Also, with Google's entry into the online music segment, Microsoft too could be tempted to do the same with Bing. Unlike Google, Microsoft already has the Zune service in place and all that it needs to do is plug in search results from Zune on to the Bing site.
Earlier this month, wehad written about DoubleTwist integrating their software with Amazon MP3 store that was seen as a
. Now with the entry of Google, do you see iTunes under threat? Please tell us your opinion in the comments.

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