Google Ready To Offer Navigation App For iPhone if Apple Agrees

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However, this is not meant to be a competitive edge for the Droid, at least at this stage. Google has announced that the company would love to offer the same service over the iPhone as well, provided the bosses at Cupertino give their nod. This comes in the backdrop of constant squabbling between the two companies in the past few months over
for the iPhone . Google CEO, Eric Schmidt who had to
in the wake of these disputes, has however insisted that Google has always been a fan of iPhone and there is no rivalry between the two companies.
While it is not clear if Apple would approve a Google built GPS navigation system for the iPhone , it certainly spells doom for the other GPS navigation tools available on the iPhone today. The GPS navigation apps are among the most expensive apps on the Apple App Store. While the
sells for $100, other navigation apps like TeleNav, AOL Mapquest are available at monthly subscription charges of $3 to $10. With the entry of a free Google app alternative, it is definitely curtains for the GPS Navigation app 'industry'.
. Whatsoever be the case, it would be in iPhone users best interest that Apple approves the iPhone app as it is a killer app.
Until then do you think a free GPS navigation tool on Droid can serve as a competitive advantage to Droid over iPhone ? Would you want to have the Google Maps Navigation System on the iPhone ? Please tell us in the comments.

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