Get Ready for Larger Google Ads On Your iPhone

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Herewith, AdSense mobile publishers have an option to pick one of two options while inserting an ad unit on their mobile site –
iPhone and other high-end devices.
The latter shall be served by default.According to a post on the official Google Mobile blog, the company writes that they have ”
done this by introducing a new JavaScript snippet that is easy to implement and specifically optimized for mobile to reduce latency on high-end mobile phones. Furthermore, this new snippet will allow publishers to select additional ad unit sizes from common AdSense formats
Does the user or the publisher have a choice to see the default smaller text ads? No, says Google. Even if the publisher chooses to target all phones, those ads served to smartphone users shall automatically be larger. Google explains that this move will not only help publishers earn more revenue off their ads, but ”
users' experience is also improved, with increasingly relevant and device-optimized mobile ads
In a way, Google is right. The advertising ecosystem on the mobile is still not as robust as their desktop counterpart. By introducing such features, it will encourage publishers to develop more content for the mobile phones which will in turn bring in more advertisers and will help nurture the ecosystem.
How do you see this move from Google – As a general good for businesses or as a hindrance to user experience? Please let us know in the comments.

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