DoubleTwist Brings Amazon MP3 Store to the iPhone; Gives Palm an iTunes Alternative

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Now the popular media management software company, DoubleTwist has announced the launch of a product that could possibly save Palm some embarassment. If you are an avid listener of music, you would know DoubleTwist as one of the worthy alternatives for iTunes. The user interface, so much like the iTunes and in some cases better, allows users to sync their music with not just
, but hundreds of other devices including the Palm Pre.
The company has recently announced the software’s integration with Amazon’s MP3 store. What this now offers to the users of DoubleTwist is an access to Amazon’s catalog of over five million songs. The users have the option to purchase music as albums or as individual tracks and also access several hundreds of free songs from the store.
DoubleTwist claims that theirs is the first desktop based application that is integrated to the Amazon MP3 store which is otherwise only accessible from a web browser. With a slick interface comparing itself with the iTunes and with the ability to connect with hundreds of devices, it makes a lot of sense for Palm to encourage their customers to use DoubleTwist rather than trying to hacking iTunes. Not only will this help Palm recoup from allegations over their strategies being “immature”, but with a worthy competitor to iTunes, it is very much possible that Apple does a rethink too on opening up iTunes to devices other than their own.
With its integration with Amazon MP3 Store, do you think DoubleTwist can gain over iTunes in popularity? Would you personally shop for music at DoubleTwist? Please do let us know in the comments.

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