Digg Founder Confirms New App For iPhone

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The mobile version of Digg is currently optimized for the iPhone and has the ability to dig links and also lets users to view the top five comments on each link.
As CNET points out, there are a few hurdles in establishing a seamless functioning of the
for a service like Digg which requires users to visit websites on their browser and submit links via the Digg app. However, it is likely that the new Digg app shall come with an in-built mini-browser that will let the users to browse and dig using the same interface. It will also be interesting to see if the Digg iPhone app will make use of
for the live Notification feature that is available in it’stoolbar forFirefox.
The present Digg for iPhone website, while minimalistic, is still highly user friendly on the iPhone . We had in fact listed them among our list of
back in 2007. As Kevin Rose had pointed out back then, the iPhone version of Digg was coded in less than two days. Close to two years since then, we believe the new Digg iPhone app will offer a lot more sophistication to iPhone users.
If you are a Digg user, let us know your thoughts on the features that you’ll be looking forward to in the upcoming iPhone app.

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