Blackra1n RC2 supports tethered 3GS jailbreak

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iPhone OS hacker, GeoHot, released Blackra1n RC2 today, an updated jailbreak utility for the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch.

Blackra1n RC2 supports tethered 3GS jailbreak



This version provides a tethering jailbreak for the new iPhone 3GS with the updated Bootrom. GeoHot lists these new features on his blog:

Fixed 3G issuesTethered jailbreak for 3.1 OOTB ipt 8GB and new 3GS unitsFixed Icy issuesBoth Windows and Mac

He also points out that “if you used RC1 with success, [then there is] no need to rerun” Blackra1n RC2 on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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