Best iPhone bicycle mounts: Bracket and bike it

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Best iPhone bicycle mounts: Bracket and bike it

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Phones make trusty sat-navs, MP3 players, and cycling computers–as well as handy phones–so they can replace a pocket full of gear on your daily commute or monthly trek. But short of lashing them to the handlebars with duct tape, you need a decent way to keep them front and center, without them flying off to become the puck in a horrifying game of car hockey. You’ll be needing a mount.

With all the mounts we tested, we were surprised how much we enjoyed having our phone at our fingertips while pedaling. Not only did our sat-nav apps benefit from having a clear line of sight to the satellite-soaked sky, but we could answer calls and see texts as they came in, while a quick switch between podcasts was much easier without having to root around in our pockets.

But hopefully it goes without saying that you shouldn’t get distracted by your iPhone ‘s beauty and go ploughing into lampposts and pedestrians. Drive safely, people! Try to stay at least as attentive as a white-van driver is while he’s smoking a cigarette, talking on the hands-free, typing into the sat-nav, and reading the paper.

We took three of the top bicycle iPhone holders (the Ram Rail EZ-on, Velotrac Pak, and Bicio GoRide) for a test pedal to see which one kept our little touch-screen buddy safe and sound.

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