Apple Working on to Bring FM Radio on iPhone And iPod Touch

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Apple is also trying to integrate it with iTunes Store for purchases. This would mean that FM radio listeners shall be able to purchase songs that they are listening to at a push of a button. This is made possible with the help of a similar feature called Song tagging that is already available on iPod Nanos. Considering that the FM radio station supports song tagging, if a listener happens to like a song he is listening to, at a push of a button, he shall be shown all information surrounding the song from the iTunes Mobile Store. One more click and you could purchase the song.While it is still not clear, it is speculated that the new could be incorporated into the iPod .app before release.
months after its release. As we had already
, the new Broadcom chip BCM4329 that is embedded in the second and third generations of iPod Touch as well as in
have all along offered the ability to receive FM signals. With the release of this new Radio iPhone app, the period of dormancy may finally come to an end.This release is also significant from the perspective of iPod Touch's competition with ZuneHD; FM radio was one of the features that the latter always had which Apple 's product line didn't.
that are available on the App Store? Please do tell us in the comments.
Note:image courtesy9to5Macis a mockup and not the screenshot of the actual iPhone app.

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