Apple Releases iTunes Version 9.0.2 – Disables Pre Syncing Once Again; Safe for Jailbreakers & Unlockers

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Earlier this month, Palm had released an
that enabled Pre to sync with iTunes with the help of a hack that changed Pre's USB Product ID to that of iPod Video's and thus enabling the syncing to happen. As a follow up, Apple has now released a new version of iTunes which has disabled the syncing; yet again.
However, the new release of iTunes is not solely to counter Palm's advances. Rather, it has a more important update in the form of support to the newly released Apple TV Software version 3.0 which among other things also lets users to watch iTunes Extras and iTunes LP in full screen mode on their Apple TV.
It is interesting why Palm has been trying hard to let their users sync their phones with a competitor's software. We had recently written about
for Palm users. Common business sense would mean Palm would rather persuade their users to make use of DoubleTwist rather than help Apple make money with iTunes.
What do you think Palm will do now? Will they try to sync Pre yet again with iTunes or is it high time for them to stop the hacking game and instead dissuade their customers from using iTunes and encouraging them to use alternate software? Please tell your opinion in the comments.
of iPhone Dev Team has tweeted that is safe for users who have jailbroken or unlocked their iPhone .
Just confirmed that today's iTunes 9.0.2 release is safe 🙂 Won't interfere with jailbreak or unlock.

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