Apple Rejects SomeEcards App For ‘Ridiculing’ Public Figures

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“. The app was submitted with a rating of 17+ for ”
” for the language used which can be suggestive in many cases. However the rejection has raised eyebrows basically because of the fact that the only reason behind the rejection seems to be the satire on a few public figures including Adolf Hitler, Roman Polanski and Michael Richards.
In an article on their website, TechCrunch draws comparison between the SomeEcards app and another
called Puff!. Like SomeEcards, Puff! is another app rated 17+ where users may blow into the iPhone microphone (or use the touch screen) to get a Japanese girl's skirt blow up in the air. Neither of these apps contain nudity, both the apps seem perfectly okay for a mature audience.
There are two reasons why the rejection of SomeEcards is significant. Firstly, all content that is viewable on the SomeEcards app can also be viewed on their website from iPhone 's Safari browser. Unlike the app, where parental controls can be put in place, the browser version is open to all. So, from a users' standpoint, they are not affected. The second and the more significant point is that the rejection seems to be solely based on the use of public figures for satire. As an article on notes, there are serious, more sexist and racist satires present in the app which Apple did not talk about. The rejection then appears to be a case of moral policing gone terribly wrong.
Do you think Apple is justified in approving Puff! while rejecting the SomeEcards app? How can Apple make their app approval process more systematic and consistent. Please do let us know in the comments.

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