Apple Approves Rock Band App for iPhone and iPod Touch

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Here are some of the significant features of the iPhone app version of Rockband.
You may choose to play vocals, drums, bass or guitar in three levels of difficulty : Easy, Medium and Hard
Up to four players can connect via bluetooth to play in the multiplayer mode. You may also invite Facebook friends via Facebook Connect.
The iPhone app comes loaded with twenty tracks. Five of these are unlocked using the World Tour mode. You may also purchase additional tracks using the in-game store.
Reviews of this much awaited app have been mixed.
from Gizmodo sees the multiplayer mode as one of the coolest features. He writes
“I've been psyched for this ever since EA confirmed the multi-player mode supports four players over Bluetooth. The $10 app lets you invite Facebook friends, and choose guitar, bass, drums or vocals.”
from TouchArcade finds Rock Band to be the best among the rhythm games on the iPhone .
“Where Rock Band pulls ahead of the pack of rhythm games on the iPhone is when it comes to overall immersion while you're playing the songs.Obviously there's only so much immersion that you can achieve when you're pretending to play a guitar by tapping on the screen of your iPhone , but playing the tracks in the iPhone Rock Band works just like its console big brother in that every note you miss causes the music to be interrupted.”
However, a few other reviewers feel that the
version of Rock Band is not as good as the console version.
from TheAppleBlog writes,
“Without the faux-instruments, Rock Band for iPhone offers an unavoidably watered-down gameplay experience. In short, it loses the original feel of Rock Band. Instead, it becomes a clone of the hugely popular Tap Tap from Tapulous, which was first released in the App Store way back in September 2007.”
Rock Band comes at a price that is much higher than its competitor,
which is available at the app store for 99ยข. While there is no gainsaying in the fact that Rock Band is a better rhythm game than the TTR, we still have doubts if it will sell well at $10.
Will you be downloading the Rock Band app? Do you think it is expensive at $10 or do you see
? Please do tell us in the comments.

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