Apple Announces In-App Purchase for Free iPhone Apps; Will Allow Users to Upgrade from Demo to Paid iPhone Apps

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In-App purchasing was hitherto restricted only to paid apps. However, this was a highly restrictive model as the iPhone app developers were not able to let their users check a basic version of the app, which is essentially a demo before putting their money for more value adding features. As a result, most apps were launched with a 'lite' version that was basically free. Users who liked the lite version could then go ahead and purchase the paid version from the App Store which was basically a different app altogether.
This would help in reducing the clutter on the iPhone App Store by a great deal as this would eliminate the need to create lite version of an iPhone app. Theycould simply plug the In-App Purchase API into their free app for users to directly upgrade to the paid version of the iPhoen app and unlock the restricted features. This will also play a vital role in reducing piracy of iPhone apps. A major percent of
mainly do so to demo the app before a purchase – but only 0.43% of them end up buying them. A freemium model will thus go a long way in reducing piracy of iPhone apps.
that thrive on the sale of virtual goods. Users of
would realize how the company was forced to release a paid version of their iPhone app simply in order to sell new songs.
This is exciting news for the iPhone app developers and we hope they follow this up by offering demo version of their iPhone apps so that iPhone users can check them out before buying the paid version.
How do you think this news will impact the apps on your iPhone ? Do you think a freemium version is easier from a user's perspective than the lite and paid model? Please do let us know your opinions.

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