App Store Crosses Milestone: More than 100,000 iPhone Apps Approved

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The number of apps available on the app store is still around the 92,000 mark since a few apps are either held back by the developers or by Apple for various issues. Nevertheless, with the official number soon to reach the six digit mark, there is plenty that Apple needs to be happy about.
To understand how the app store has turned into a pivotal feature for the iPhone , we have to compare the number of apps for the iPhone against the number of apps available on the other smartphones. Android, one of iPhone 's biggest competitors has close to 13,870 apps on its market place while Microsoft is still in the
their Windows app development platform. This means despite iPhone 's perceived “weaknesses” like the
or camera functions, it still remains by far the best deal out there in the market for the customers.With a hundred thousand choices for apps, here are some interesting facts from the
, Madden NFL 10, Guitar Toolkit,
, Documents To Go – Each of these apps cost $9.99
With a heavy momentum built with the help of the App store, do you still think the other emerging smartphone manufacturers can catch up? What is the best app you have downloaded till date from the App Store. Tell us in the comments.

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