After Verizon, Microsoft Now Makes Fun of Apple in New Humor Video

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The video posted on YouTube talks about the apps that were developed in the Microsoft Apps Lab but had to be rejected for various reasons like stupidity or lawsuits. The joke is clearly on the Apple App Store for both the availability of a number of meaningless apps as well for the closed nature of the app approval process.
This is the second time in less than a week that a company has tried to take a dig at Apple in order to promote their product. Earlier this week, Verizon launched its new ad campaign, DroidDoes that was aimed at promoting the soon-to-be-launched Motorola Droid as a
Everything iPhone Doesn't, Droid Does
On a similar vein, the new Microsoft humor video, while poking fun at the Apple App Store tries to promote the new Windows App development platform. Viewers watching the video on Youtube are directed to website where the developers are encouraged to submit their apps to the Windows Marketplace.
While we cannot comment on how big or useful the Windows Marketplace will grow to be, the ad still shows the funny side of the apps on the Apple App Store.
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