Facebook for iPhone 3.0: First Look video

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Last week when it first updated, we related our first impressions of Facebook for iPhone 3.0. Now that’s we’ve spent some more quality time with it over the weekend, we can confirm that the 3.0 update is huge. Sure, it takes up more room on your iPhone or iPod Touch, but that’s not what we meant.

The real growth spurt comes from the pile of new and improved features that Facebook has poured into the app. They range from the typical–support for landscape mode, capability to change your profile picture–to the powerful–such as creating photo albums and kicking off a text message or call from the Facebook interface.

That last point echoes a central thesis in a June 2009 Wired article (“The Great Wall of Facebook”): by storing intensely personal data about real people–their likes and dislikes, e-mail addresses, friends, activities, and even phone numbers–Facebook is creating a formidable “second Internet” to rival Google. Indeed, the SMS and phone call triggers on Facebook for iPhone 3.0 (and a similar feature on Facebook for BlackBerry that hooks into your address book) do influence, even facilitate, the way you contact friends in real life. Now you can rely on a Web-based network as a point of entry to your actual social life.

But that feature is just one of many. See the new Facebook for iPhone 3.0 in action in this First Look video. If you have used it, let us know how you like it.

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