Will Apple Approve Streaming Music Service Spotify’s iPhone App?

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Spotify already has a desktop client and currently available in Europe where it is hugely popular. They are planning to release their desktop version to users in US sometime soon.
The streaming music service is free, however you can upgrade to Spotify's ad-free premium service for $14 which also gives you access to their mobile apps including the iPhone app that has been submitted to Apple for approval.
As you can see from the demo video, the iPhone app seems to be very easy to use and based on initial feedback from folks who have got early access to the iPhone app, the app works very well over 3G.
If approved, it will also make Spotify for iPhone , the first official P2P iPhone app on the App Store.
However, like other third party
, Spotify's iPhone app will not be able to run in the background which will be a major drawback for a music streaming service. (iPhone users who have j
to run it in the background.)
It is widely speculated that the iPhone app will be rejected by Apple as it
would be direct competition to its iPod app and iTunes music store.
Let's hope he is right. Please let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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