Apple quietly squashes MobileMe Find My iPhone bugs

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Apple quietly squashes MobileMe Find My iPhone bugs

(Credit: Apple , Inc.)

Among the bevy of problems–some large, some small–reported by iPhone users following the release of iPhone OS 3.0 and the iPhone 3GS lurked a bug I encountered in Find My iPhone on Apple ‘s MobileMe service.

Find My iPhone remembers all your devices, including any old iPhones turned off or sold after you upgraded to the iPhone 3GS. Until now, there was no way to make Find My iPhone forget that old iPhone .

Apple has quietly released an updated Apple support document, “MobileMe, iPhone OS 3.0: Troubleshooting Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe,” which now states:

Previously-owned iPhone /iPod touch appears at

If your iPhone /iPod touch was linked with your MobileMe account, it may still appear when you log in to, even if you no longer possess the iPhone /iPod touch. If the device is offline, you can choose to remove the device from the Find My iPhone section of by clicking Remove below the name of the iPhone or iPod touch.

Note: If your device is still configured with your MobileMe membername and password, the next time the device connects to the Internet, it will be added to the Find My iPhone page again.

Apple quietly squashes MobileMe Find My iPhone bugs

The old iPhone I sold to a T-Mobile customer

(Credit: David Martin)

If you accidentally delete a current iPhone , you can add that phone back by making sure that your MobileMe member name and password are still configured on the iPhone before reconnecting it to the Internet. Once that connection is made, the iPhone will reappear on the location page with the rest of the devices you are tracking.

You can see our previous coverage of iPhone OS 3.0 and iPhone 3GS problems here and here.

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