Apple: Jailbreaking iPhone could lead to Major Network Disruptions

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Apple had informed the Copyright Office that the exception
request by Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) was not acceptable as the very act of jailbreaking the iPhone results in copyright infringement.
i.e. modifying iPhone 's software could lead to major network disruptions. Apple has apparently filed these arguments on June 23rd in an attempt to to rebut a request to the Copyright Office by EFF that modifications to the iPhone 's software do not violate the DMCA and should be allowed.
PCWorld rightly points out that a separate identifier, contained in the phone's SIM (Subscriber
Identity Module) is used to distinguish between customers for billing and
authentication purposes rather than ECID.
Apple claims that if several iPhones were modified to have the
same ECID, it could cause a transmission tower to malfunction or kick
phones off the network.
EFF's argument is that jailbreaking iPhone is protected under fair-use
doctrines, and that the Copyright Office should grant an exemption
“the culture of tinkering (or hacking, if you prefer) is an important part of our innovation economy.”
The Copyright Office is expected to make a decision in the case later this year.
What do you think about jailbreaking? Do you think Apple is right in
making it illegal? Should the Copyright Office accept EFF's request for
an exception to the DMCA? It will be great to get your feedback in the
comments below.

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